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Are you seeking a caring community which is inclusive, active and diverse?

“The place of prayer is a precious habitation….I saw this habitation to be safe, to be inwardly quiet, when there was great stirrings and commotions in the world.”  John Woolman, a Quaker from the 1770’s 

Harrisburg Religious Society of Friends offers that place of safe, inwardly quiet worship within an active and diverse community of fellow Spiritual Seekers.  The Religious Society of Friends, known as Quakers, believe that each person has that of the Divine within them. Quakers may refer to this as the Inner Light, the Christ Within, the Inward Teacher, the Divine Presence, or the Spirit of Truth.  Quakers seek to integrate this inward experience of the  Light with our outward lives through our testimonies of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship

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Worship is currently held virtually 7:00 pm every evening and 11:00 am every Sunday morning. Contact us for more details.

Adult and Youth Programs

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Our Community 

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Making a Vibrant Community through Committees. 

Our Faith

What do Quakers Believe in? What are the Quakers Testimonies? Find More Information here.


You can find more information about Wider Quaker Organizations here.

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Find a Place of Truth, Peace, Simplicity and Equality. Where everyone is welcome.

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